Announcement: Price changes, new item sizes, and discontinued items

Starting October 1st, 2020, we are making a few changes to our items. Please check the charts below to be aware of the changes.

This fall, we made the following decisions, first, to make our item selection simpler and easier to understand, and second, to maintain a consistent high level of quality across all of our teas and utensils.

We are thankful for any opportunity to hear from our passionate customers. If you have any questions--about the changes, about selecting a tea, or unrelated--feel free to ask through our contact page.

Please note, to make the above updates to our lineup, the Global Online Shop will be down for maintenance from 9:00 AM Sep. 30th to 10:00 AM October 1st (JST).

Item name Size change
Starting Oct. 1st Previous size
Matcha Kan-no-shiro 30g box ¥1,350 40g can ¥1,800
Matcha Ikuyo-no-mukashi 30g box ¥1,000 40g can ¥1,400
Matcha Fumi-no-tomo 100g bag ¥750 40g bag ¥280

Item name Price increase
Starting Oct. 1st Previous price
Matcha Horai-no-mukashi 20g can ¥1,200 ¥1,100
Matcha Sayaka-no-mukashi 40g can ¥2,400 ¥2,200
Mugicha (Barley Tea) 400g bag ¥450 ¥380
Chashaku Bamboo Ladle ¥600 ¥500

Item name Items discontinued
Starting Oct. 1st
Matcha Kimmo-no-mukashi 20g can Item discontinued on Oct. 1st
Matcha Enishi-no-shiro
Matcha Fuku-mukashi
Matcha Ima-mukashi 20g box
Gyokuro Hekiun

Ippodo Tea Co.

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