How to brew a large batch of tea.
When using a kyusu to brew tea for a group, try combining infusions into one pitcher.
A kyusu teapot, with its built-in filter, makes it easy to combine brews for a large batch. Just re-brew the same tea leaves with hot water multiple times and pour out into the same pitcher, until the pitcher is full. The benefit of using a smaller sized kyusu (instead of a larger teapot) is that the flavor of the batch will be full and complex. Tasty tea for a small group, in about five minutes.
  • Kyusu
  • Pitcher
  • Boiling water: 500 ml (250ml per brew)
  • Tea leaves: 10g
  • [First brew] Scoop 10 g of tea into the kyusu. Add 250 ml of boiling water, and brew for 30 seconds. Pour into the pitcher.
  • [Second brew +] Using the same tea leaves, add more boiling water to the kyusu. Pour into the pitcher immediately. (Zero seconds brew time).
With 10 g of tea leaves, you can brew up to three infusions.
Being able to combine brews into one vessel is one feature of Ippodo tea. Since our tea leaves have a lot of strength, you can re-brew three times without sacrificing flavor. Peek inside the pot─if it looks like the tea leaves have not fully opened up yet, you can even try brewing a fourth or fifth time.

[Kyusu 1 L Recipe] ※Follow the same steps as the recipe above.
▪ Boiling water: 1 L (250 ml to 300 ml x 4 brews)
▪ Tea leaves: 10 g to 20 g (10 g x 1 or 2 times)

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