Give them this gift box packed
with a wide variety of Japanese teas!
They'll look forward to tea time at home
with family and friends.

  • For carrying tea prepared
    with a kyusu

    A unique gift for someone who prefers
    to prepare tea with a kyusu.

  • For carrying tea
    prepared quickly and easily!

    There is a limitless number of ways to enjoy Japanese tea!
    You don't need a kyusu or whisk to start with. A travel flask will do just fine!

  • This comprehensive set allows
    you to enjoy a whole
    range of Japanese tea

    This set includes the whole range of Japanese teas—from teas like matcha, gyokuro, and sencha that are good for celebrating special occasions to teas like bancha that are good for enjoying on a regular basis!

  • A variety of ice-cold
    Japanese teas!

    These Japanese teas are delicious served cold, and satisfying to drink!
    Cool yourself down with ice-cold Japanese tea!

  • A variety of teas,
    from the rustic to the elegant!

    For people who enjoy distinctive teas,
    everything from smoky Iribancha to gyokuro!

  • Enjoy matcha quickly and easily
    in a big cup or travel flask!

    Great for newcomers to matcha!
    All the utensils for preparing matcha,
    except the tea bowl.

  • Teas for drinking
    on a regular basis!

    Great teas for daily consumption.
    An ideal gift for people who drink a lot of Japanese tea.

  • Make the most of your travel flask!

    This set includes a variety of items—teas
    with wonderful fragrances together with a travel flask.

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