Mugicha (Barley Tea)

Mugicha has a rich aroma and a pleasant aftertaste of refined sweetness.
It’s a great tea for staying well hydrated year-round, even during cold seasons when drunk hot.


Iribancha (Kyobancha)

Iribancha is a bancha of Kyoto that possesses a distinctive smoky aroma.
Being low in caffeine, it makes a great tea for drinking on a daily basis.

Gokujo Hojicha (Roasted Tea)

Gokujo Hojicha possesses a magnificent aroma and refreshing taste.
Its rich aroma is both pleasant, and soothing.

Kuki Hojicha (Roasted Stems)

Kuki Hojicha has a richer taste than Gokujo Hojicha.
It's ideal for people wanting a more pronounced flavor.

Gokujo Genmaicha

Mild flavor, accompanied by the rich aroma of roasted rice


Refined, refreshing taste


Light and refreshing taste

Teas made from flakes

Organic Sencha
(with JAS organic certification)

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