• 2021 Shincha now on sale!

    Shincha—Newly Harvested Sencha 2021—is only available for about two months. Tea lovers delight in the aroma and natural grassy flavor of this young leaf harvest. Ippodo offers special pre-order deals to customers who place orders for shincha in advance, when the sales date is still uncertain.

  • Premium Select Matcha
    20g Can / ¥3,000

    Opportunity to witness the synergy of cultivation techniques and experience
    *Available Feb. 1, while supplies last

  • How to brew a large batch of tea.

    Recipes for loose leaf, teabags, and matcha.

  • One size fits all.

    A convenient glass teapot with a filter built into its stainless steel lid. For brewing every kind of tea, from tea bags to loose leaf.

  • Make ice-cold Japanese tea!

    There are two ways to prepare cold Japanese tea —brew with boiling hot water for a lighter, refreshing taste, or cold-brew with chilled water to savor a richer flavor.

  • Experience the joy of matcha!

    Make matcha part of your life, and enjoy a richer tea time experience. Ippodo has ten types of regular matcha that it sells throughout the year. This feature page provides an overview, including recommending which matcha to try first, and covering sets that include utensils and matcha gift sets.

  • Vacation and Getaways

    Enjoy the delight of tea at your home away from home.

  • Trial Size Packages

    Not sure what to choose? Here are some small packages, easy-to-try by yourself or with friends.

  • Tea wherever you go
    Travel Flask

    Indoors or outdoors, a travel flask is a great companion.Having tea wherever you go makes for a happy day.

  • Life with Japanese tea

    When you first bring Japanese tea into your life, what are the best items to choose? Here are Ippodo's suggestions for delightful, fulfilling tea times.

  • At last...Large packs!

    At home or at work, with a large pack of tea you'll be ready for anything! Buy large items on our Online Shop and have them sent directly to your door.

  • Gift Box Collection

    Give them this gift box packed with a wide variety of Japanese teas! They'll look forward to tea time at home with family and friends.

  • Utensils made to enjoy!

    Looking for tea utensils just right for me.

  • Pointers for choosing Ippodo tea

    We have created some pointers for knowing which Japanese tea is best suited to your needs. Check them out when choosing which tea to buy.

  • One-Pot Teabags
    (For preparing batches of tea)

    Enjoy authentic flavor quickly and easily. Choose from six delicious flavors.

  • Ivory Kyusu Teapot (Tokoname-yaki) / ¥5,000

    A kyusu crafted to be easy to use, even for newcomers to Japanese tea!

  • Hajime-no-Ippodo Matcha Starter Kit / ¥5,000

    Just heat up some water! That's all you need with this matcha starter kit.

  • Mantoku Gyokuro 100g Bag / ¥1,700

    Brews in just 30 seconds with boiling-hot water! Relax and enjoy its sweet, fresh fragrance.

  • Matsu-no-midori Sencha 100g Bag / ¥650

    Brews in just 30 seconds with boiling-hot water! Once the water's ready, so is your morning tea.

  • Non caffeine teas

    Let these fine aroma and mild taste prepare you for sweet dreams.

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