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Ippodo tea safety and testing

Where our tea is produced

Ippodo's products are mainly cultivated within the climactic conditions of the Kizu and Uji River basins (Kyoto Prefecture, Nara Prefecture, Shiga Prefecture). We use tea produced according to the traditional method of tea production that originated in Uji hundreds of years ago. Our mugicha is produced with barley from neighboring Hyogo Prefecture, located to the west of Kyoto Prefecture, and the genmai (brown rice) in our genmaicha is produced with rice from Kumamoto Prefecture on Kyushu Island in southern Japan.

We have a tracking system that allows us to trace the tea leaves used in each brand back to the site of their original tea plantation and determine the cultivation method used. We also implement a quality control system that provides us with information on any agricultural chemicals or fertilizers used on the tea leaves.

Radioactivity analysis conducted by Ippodo

The safety of our products with regard to radioactivity is based on the following test results.

- Results of radioactivity tests carried out by Kyoto Prefecture and the Kyoto Prefecture Tea Association (Kyoto-fu Chagyo Kaigisho)
Provisional safety limits set by Japanese government:
Radioactive cesium-134 or cesium-137 in tea leaves:
100 Bq/kg (Matcha) 10 Bq/kg (Gyokuro, Sencha, etc.)

- Results of Ippodo's own independent tests on its products
Safety limits set by Ippodo:
Radioactive cesium-134 or cesium-137:
100 Bq/kg (Matcha) 10 Bq/kg (Gyokuro, Sencha, etc.)

Neither the tests conducted by Kyoto Prefecture and the Kyoto Prefecture Tea Association nor Ippodo's own independent tests on its products detected any radioactive cesium-134 or cesium-137.

We are continuing to conduct thorough quality management in order to ensure that customers can enjoy their Japanese green tea with peace of mind. We appreciate your patronage and look forward to serving you in the future.

Ippodo Tea Co.

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