Shopping Guide

Guide to Shopping

To use the Ippodo Online Shop, add the items you want to buy to your shopping bag as you browse. After you've finished browsing, go to the Checkout to pay for the items.

Registration is required to use the Ippodo Online Shop.

STEP 1: Find Items

  • Browse the product category pages or Search to find the items you want to buy.

STEP 2: View Details / Add Items to your Shopping Bag

  • When you find an item you want to buy, enter the quantity and click the "Add to Shopping Bag" button.

STEP 3: Check the Contents of your Shopping Bag

  • Check the contents of your shopping bag.
    To add more items, click the "Continue Shopping" button.
    When you have finished adding items, click the "Go to Checkout" button.

    *If you are not logged in or have not yet registered, the Login / Customer Registration page is displayed.

STEP 4: Order Information

  • Provide the information needed to process your order.

    • Recipient
      Select the appropriate shipping address from the list of recipients. If no addresses are listed, click the "Add New Address" button on the right to add a recipient.
    • Quantity
      If you wish to change the quantity of any item in your shopping bag, enter the appropriate quantity, then click the "Edit" button.
    • Gift Wrapping

      If you would like an item gift wrapped., click the "Gift Wrapping" checkbox.

  • If you have any comments or other requests, please add them under "Additional Delivery Instructions."
  • Once you are satisfied with the order information, click on "Go to Payment."

STEP 5: Payment Method

  • Please check that the merchandise subtotal, shipping charge, and total are correct.
  • Payment is by credit card and debit card only. Select the appropriate card from the card companies shown below.

    Please check the details of your order.
    Once you have confirmed that the information is correct and added any additional information required, complete your order by clicking the "Confirm Order."

  • Authentication
    Clicking "Complete Order" takes you to the 3-D Secure authentication page. If the page does not display, click the "3-D Secure Authentication" button.

    *Please complete the authentication process within 15 minutes.
    3-D Secure Authentication requires registration with the card issuer in advance. If your card has not been registered, the order proceeds without authentication.

STEP 6: Completing the Order / Final Confirmation

  • Confirm the order information and payment method.

    *To revise details of your order, click the "Edit" button and make your changes.

  • When you have no more changes and are ready to confirm your order click the "Complete Order" button.

STEP 7: Order Complete

  • Your order number will be displayed. Please print the page out or make a note of the number for future reference.
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