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How to Register

Customer registration is free and required in order to purchase products on the Ippodo Online Shop. This page describes how to sign up to register as an Ippodo customer.

STEP 1: Sign up

  • Click 'Sign Up' which can be found at the bottom of each page.

STEP 2: Terms and Conditions of Use

  • Please make sure to read the following Privacy & Security Policy and Terms and Conditions of Use.
    Check the “Agree” checkbox and proceed to the next webpage if you have read and agree to the Privacy & Security Policy and Terms and Conditions of Use.

STEP 3: Enter your email address

  • The Ippodo Online Shop uses your email address as your ID. Please enter the email address to use for your customer registration and click 'Next'.

STEP 4: Enter customer information

  • Please enter the customer information required to use the Ippodo Online Shop, including your password, name, postal address, and phone number. This is also where you register if you wish to receive the Ippodo Mail newsletter. After entering your information, please click the 'Review Entry' button and continue on to the customer information confirmation page.

STEP 5: Confirm customer information

  • Please check the information that you entered on the previous page. To edit something, click the 'Edit' button and make the correction on the previous page. If everything is correct, click the 'Confirm' button.

STEP 6: Registration complete

  • This completes customer registration. Details of your registration will be sent to your email address. Now that you are signed up, you can start shopping.
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