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    Special New Year's Neno-mukashi Matcha [Year of the Rat label] 20g Can 

    Celebrate the New Year with Neno-mukashi.

    Every year, from December until January, Ippodo makes available Special New Year's Matcha, matcha specially prepared for celebrating the New Year. Although they have different names, our special New Year's matcha products─the Year of the Rat label Neno-mukashi matcha and Seiun and Wakamatsu-no-mukashi matcha─contain the same type of matcha.

    Ippodo ensures that Special New Year's Matcha possesses a magnificent fragrance and rich umami flavor. It is premium grade matcha of high quality that tastes delicious whether it is prepared as usucha or koicha. The interesting feature of this matcha is how its distinctive characteristics change every year, some years possessing a wonderful fragrance while other years having a particularly rich umami flavor.

    - The design of the Year of the Rat label
    2020 is the Year of the Rat. The rat is often portrayed as a helper of the god Daikoku, who is frequently shown straddling bags of rice. This label features a humorously depicted rat clambering up a bag of rice, evoking images of the deity Daikoku. Adorned as it is with this amusing critter, the Year of the Rat label is sure to liven up family mealtimes. Also enjoy wonderful teatimes with festive Japanese wagashi confections and Year of the Rat Neno-mukashi Matcha.

    ❊ About this matcha
    Our special New Year's matcha products─Neno-mukashi (only available during the Year of the Rat) and our two red-label matcha offerings Seiun and Wakamatsu-no-mukashi─contain the same type of matcha.

    Please also note that this special matcha is different from our regular, white-label Seiun matcha that is normally sold throughout the year.


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    Organic Matcha 20g Can 

    This tea is cultivated and processed under conditions that comply with the requirements for JAS organic certification, which is equivalent to the EU and USDA organic certification. Organically grown tea leaves are cultivated entirely through natural processes until harvested, so the size of the harvest and flavor of the tea vary from year to year. The difficulty of cultivating organic tea leaves of stable quality and quantity in challenging conditions makes them very rare. We think you will truly enjoy our Organic Matcha, which possesses the natural, strong flavor and fragrance that Ippodo demands.

    Matcha is grown in shaded fields in order to reduce astringency and increase sweet umami flavor in the tea leaves. Starting around the end of April, the entire matcha tea field is gradually covered, until it is almost completely shaded by picking time. Knowing the right time to shade the field is vital, so cultivating matcha requires years of experience and wisdom. The tea leaves are picked and quickly processed, but do not become matcha until they are carefully ground into a fine powder in a stone mill.

    The matcha that makes it onto store shelves after this lengthy process is a valued and cherished item. Savor it during special teatimes. A natural choice for pairing with Japanese sweets, matcha is also a nice fit with dairy products and goes wonderfully with Western confections. Matcha has a light taste that is easy to drink, making it a great after-meal beverage. It also has a distinct and rich fragrance that is relaxing.

    • 1.Sift 3g of matcha.
    • 2.Whisk matcha on the strong side with 90ml(3 oz) of hot water.
    • 3.Pour on 30ml(1 oz) of milk or soy milk!


  • Chashaku (Bamboo tea ladle) 

    A chashaku is a bamboo tea ladle used for scooping matcha and putting it in a tea bowl. To clean, wipe it with a dry cloth or tissue. (Do not wash with water.)



  • Special New Year's Ino-mukashi Matcha [Year of the Boar label] 20g Can 

    From January 12th (JST), this product is sold out. We apologize for the inconvenience.

    Available December 15 to January 15

    The matcha we normally sell throughout the year is our 'regular' matcha. Each brand has its own flavor and fragrance. Once you find a brand from among our regular matcha products that you like, you can continue to enjoy its flavor and fragrance for as long as you like.

    But our special New Year's matcha, which is only sold around the New Year's holidays, is in a class by itself. Specially made for celebrating New Year's, this matcha has a flavor and fragrance that are unique from one year to the next, allowing you to welcome in the New Year with a fresh experience. But it always has a magnificent fragrance and rich umami flavor that is worthy of the New Year's label.

    The special New Year's matcha is traditionally used in the first tea ceremony of the year (hatsugama), which celebrates the New Year. Look for the red label, or for the special Year of the Boar label. It's a great matcha for one's own personal enjoyment, and also makes a perfect gift for someone who performs the tea ceremony.

    - This year's New Year's matcha flavor
    This year's New Year's matcha has a rich fragrance and taste characterized by a smooth umami flavor. The wonderful fragrance will delight you the moment you begin to whisk the tea, and the moment you take your first sip. The matcha's mild astringency makes it easy to drink, so you may find yourself asking for seconds, even when the tea is prepared as koicha. And, of course, it tastes delicious prepared either as usucha or koicha.

    - The design of the Year of the Boar label
    2019 is the Year of the Boar. The Year of the Boar label expresses the idea of forging straight ahead in pursuit of one's dreams and goals, like a wild boar making a headlong rush. The boar's humorous expression and pose are modeled after a baby boar. The label features festive coloring befitting the New Year's holidays--green, representing the auspicious pine and bamboo decorations placed in front of a Japanese house during this time, and traditional New Year's red and white. This matcha makes a perfect New Year's gift. May 2019 be a year full of hope for you and your family!

    - About this matcha
    Although they have different names, all of our special New Year's matcha products--Ino-mukashi (only available during the Year of the Boar) and our two red-label Seiun and Wakamatsu-no-mukashi matcha--contain the same type of matcha.


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  • Sansho-no-shiro 20g Can 

    A mild umami flavor that is just the thing for when you want to enjoy a break. Its subtle bittersweetness leaves less of an aftertaste, making you eager for the next sip.

    - This matcha was named by Jimyosai-sosho XIV, the great grand master of the Omote-Senke family of tea masters.
    - This grade of matcha is the same as that used for Kan-no-shiro, which was named by the Ura-Senke family of tea masters.

    Shake your matcha in a travel flask

    • Matcha: About 1g
      Champagne: About 100ml(3.5 oz)
    • 1.Sift 1g of matcha
    • 2.Pour on a little champagne and whisk gently.
    • 3.Pour on the rest of the champagne.


  • Shoin-no-mukashi 20g Can 

    A prominent umami flavor, with a pleasantly sweet aftertaste. Taste its multiple overlapping flavors as you slowly savor this luxurious treat.

    - This matcha was named by Jimyosai-sosho XIV, the grand master of the Omote-Senke family of tea masters.
    - This grade of matcha is the same as that used for Seiun, which was named by the Ura-Senke family of tea masters.

    • 1. Place 2 g (1 tsp.
      or 1.5 tea ladles) of
      matcha in tea bowl.
    • 2. Add 60 ml (2 oz) of hot water (at 80 °C)
    • 3. Whisk vigorously 15 sec., making 'm' shape.
    • 4. Add ice, mix slightly, and it's ready.
    Shake your matcha in a travel flask


  • Chasen-tate (Whisk Stand) 

    A stand for your bamboo whisk-the smart way to store it and retain its shape. Taking care of your favorite utensils adds to the enjoyment of matcha.

    - How to clean and store a whisk:
    After using your whisk, wash it with cold water and place it on the whisk stand, and let dry thoroughly.
    Note: We recommend storing whisks in a cool place that is well ventilated.



  • Matcha Starter Kit 6: (Includes instructions) 

    This comprehensive kit provides both matcha and all the utensils needed to enjoy it.

    It contains a high-grade matcha with a velvety smooth texture, a simple white matcha tea bowl, a bamboo tea ladle for scooping matcha, a tea strainer for breaking up clumps in matcha powder, a whisk for whisking matcha, and a whisk stand for storing the whisk.

    With this comprehensive kit, all you need to add is hot water in order to prepare delicious matcha. This is the perfect gift for someone who wants to make matcha part of their regular teatime. Next time you're taking it easy on a weekend morning, try relaxing with a cup of matcha rather than coffee. This set allows you to add variety to your mornings on your days off. As you whisk matcha, its sweet, rich fragrance greets you, gradually relaxing you. And, when you drink it, both mind and body become refreshed. It makes a great gift for busy people who could use a nice change of pace.

    *The matcha in this video is only on sale at Ippodo Tea, New York.


    OnlineShop Limited ¥8,300

  • Matcha Starter Kit 5: (Includes instructions) 

    This is the perfect gift for someone who wants to make matcha part of their regular teatime.

    It contains a high-grade matcha with a velvety smooth texture, a tea strainer for breaking up clumps in matcha powder, a bamboo tea ladle for scooping matcha, a whisk for whisking matcha, and a whisk stand for storing the whisk. (A matcha tea bowl is not included.)
    You can use your favorite cup or glass for drinking the matcha!

    Enjoy the matcha straight, or treat yourself to matcha latte by adding almond milk or soy milk. You can also use it as a topping, and pour it on vanilla ice cream for some matcha-flavored ice cream. Whip up a matcha dessert or throw a matcha party at home! There are many ways to enjoy matcha. It can be a drink, a dessert, or anything else your imagination comes up with. Think of the fun family and friends can have with this wonderful set!

    • It maintains the shape of
      the whisk tips and allows it
      to dry quickly.

    • Sift your matcha powder
      before whisking it.


    OnlineShop Limited ¥6,650

  • Premium Select Matcha 20g Can 

    The culmination of experience and craft
    Every year, the highest-regarded matcha farmers in Japan enter the best of their harvest into tea competitions, hoping to earn prestige and recognition for their efforts. Premium Select Matcha is our exclusive blend of these farmers' competition-level matchas—hand-selected by our president from farms only in the Kyoto region.

    The highest quality matcha fields receive constant hands-on care and attention. Farmers strictly monitor and fertilize the soil to keep it lofty and nutritious. They adjust the shades that cover the field so that the new leaves sprout in almost complete darkness. They attend to the field in person, every day, to ensure the harvest comes out perfectly. The result of their efforts is a rare and valuable harvest; only a limited quantity of this tea is available even in Japan.

    Taste Notes
    This year's Premium Select Matcha has a delectable, smooth umami that should delight fans of full-bodied matcha. Once whisked, its deep blue green color indicates its top-class grade, and its sweet, vivid aroma stands on its own. We recommend trying this tea first as koicha (thick tea), in order to best appreciate its flavor and aroma, and the effort that the farmers went through to produce such high quality.

    Unlike our other matchas available year-round, which are blended for constant consistency, Premium Select Matcha varies depending on the growing conditions each year.

    Matcha is usually not released immediately after harvest. Instead, it is "rested" for a period of many months to mature the flavor. This is why our Premium Select Matcha is finally available for release in the late-winter of the year following the May harvest. In comparison, our matchas available year-round are blended from multiple harvests to be consistently fresh throughout the year.

    • Shade-grown with expert techniques

    • Breathtakingly-beautiful deep green

    • Hand-picked by experienced growers

    • Well-fed, well-cared-for tea leaves


    NEW ¥3,000

  • Nodoka Special Spring Matcha 20g Box 

    Celebrate spring with Nodoka matcha!

    When the sunlight brings more heat, warming the land, trees that have endured the cold winter bud and flowers bloom. As the temperature rises in February, March, and April, people become more cheerful and lighthearted. With the mild, cheery season of spring in mind, we called this matcha "Nodoka" (Japanese for "peace" or "serenity"). It comes in an attractive package in coloring reminiscent of peaches and cherry blossoms.

    The delightful, clean image produced by this package is echoed by the flavor and aroma of the tea. In fact, the refined and well-balanced flavor is the defining element of Nodoka's character. Most people who try it are delighted, and think about having seconds.

    Nodoka is the perfect matcha for adding to your spring teatime menu. Prepare and enjoy it either as refreshing usucha (thin matcha), or as koicha (thick matcha) to bring out the full force of Nodoka's flavor and aroma. Alternatively, you can try variations, such as making a Nodoka latte with milk, soy milk, or almond milk.

    A great matcha for bringing out the atmosphere of spring, Nodoka goes well with both Japanese and Western confections. We highly recommend it for people drinking or preparing matcha for the first time. Get it for your own personal enjoyment, or give it as a gift.

    Shake your matcha in a travel flask
    • 1.Sift 3g of matcha.
    • 2.Whisk matcha on the strong side with 90ml(3 oz) of hot water.
    • 3.Pour on 30ml(1 oz) of milk or soy milk!

    Sift before adding water

    Sifting powder removes clumps, producing smoother matcha.


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  • White Tea Bowl with Serving Spout 

    Whisk matcha in a deep Tea Bowl with Serving Spout, then pour into your favorite cups or mugs.

    Make matcha a part of your life with the lightly colored White Tea Bowl with Serving Spout.

    This tea bowl comes with a serving spout so that you can whisk matcha and then pour it out into other cups or mugs. It is a beautiful bowl that is also functional for whisking and pouring. The bowl is decorated with nothing more than white glaze in order to keep a low profile and not steal the limelight away from the cups or mugs that you serve the matcha in. Use this tea bowl to enjoy matcha with your favorite cups, mugs, or glasses.

    • The bowl was formed on the potter's wheel from coarse clay, with the area around the foot of the bowl left unglazed to ensure your fingers can grip it without slipping when holding the bowl in one hand to pour out freshly whisked matcha.

    • Part of the tea bowl's charm comes from the way the coarse texture of the earthenware is exposed at the foot of the bowl to form a triangular base, and how that contrasts with the rest of the bowl, which is covered with a white glaze that imparts a warm impression.

    • Designed with a depression along its sides, the bowl provides a natural handhold.

    • Sieve the desired amount of matcha powder through tea strainer.

    • Pour hot water (at about 80 ℃) into tea bowl.

    • Use whisk to mix matcha powder and hot water for about 15 seconds.

    • Pour even servings into your favorite teacups, and you are done.


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