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Capacity: 1L
Weight: 320 g
* Capacity and weight are approximate.
Dimensions: φ5.0 x H27.0 x W8.5 cm
Box size: W9.0 x D8.8 x H28.0 cm
Manufacturer: KINTO Japan (Made in China)
Thermal shock resistance: 120℃

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  • Oceania, North America, Central America, and the Middle East


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  • South America and Africa


This heat-resistant glass carafe for all seasons allows you to prepare a large batch of tea.

Having just one of these one-liter carafes at home or the office is very handy. Use it however you like, either when you need a lot of hot tea or when you want to drink a lot of cold tea.

Prepare Japanese tea for the dining table or visiting guests right away simply by placing your favorite teabags in the carafe and adding hot water. This saves time, reduces the number of dishes to wash, and, more than anything else, it is very easy, requiring no special skill. The carafe comes with a lid, ensuring that the tea inside stays clean and sanitary until it is all gone, and the large opening makes removing teabags and cleaning easy.

Or, instead of using teabags, you can quickly prepare a liter of tea by making three kyusu pots worth of tea with the same leaves, pouring each into the carafe. You can use it as a pitcher for holding Japanese tea. It fits in refrigerator door pockets, so you can keep it well refrigerated.

Both lid and carafe are made of highly transparent glass, allowing you to fully appreciate the color of the tea, and anticipate its delicious taste. It serves to brighten up your table. You can use the carafe in your daily routine at home, for special gatherings, or at your workplace.

  • Brew tea easily with teabags!
    Wide opening for easy cleaning.

  • Low-key white logo
    A tea jar and flower design appear when the carafe is filled with tea. It also serves as a pitcher. Use with any kind of beverage.

  • Makes a good pitcher.
    Even if you use your usual kyusu teapot to prepare the tea, the glass teapot makes a good pitcher.

  • Box with carafe motif
    A box with a carafe motif makes this a good present.

  • Prepare in the Carafe,
    then take it on the go!

  • Our Carafe is versatile,
    and well-designed.

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