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Glass Type T


Dimensions - Glass: Dia.7.5 x H6.7(cm)
- Box: W9.6 x D10.1 x H9.8 cm
Capacity: 165 ml
Made in: Japan

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  • Oceania, North America, Central America, and the Middle East


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  • South America and Africa


Finely crafted by Kimura Glass, this item is a tool for savoring the taste, as well as the aroma, of Japanese tea.

The glass allows you to more fully appreciate the overlapping flavors of Japanese tea. It is ideal for use any time of year, with a shape and design that are equally well-suited to both Japanese and Western table settings. The glasses can also be stacked, making them easy to store.

Recommended tea

Sencha is an ideal tea to serve in this glass. It possesses a complex combination of flavors–sweetness, umami, and astringency–together with a lovely fragrance. You will recognize how the multitude of flavors intermingle to create a new taste.

With other beverages and food

Being an ideal size and shape, and very comfortable to hold in your hand, the glass lends itself to a variety of uses, including serving everything from wine and fruit juice to water. You can even use it to serve foods, such as salad, fruit, or ice cream.

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