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Black Tea Bowl with Serving Spout


Bowl: Dia.13.0 x H9.0 cm
Box:W16.5 x D10.5 x H16.5 cm
Accessories: Tea cloth (fukin)
Made in: Gifu Prefecture, Japan (Mino-yaki)
Note: The tea cloth (fukin) is 100% cotton, so the color may fade or run when washed.

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Whisk matcha in a deep Tea Bowl with Serving Spout, then pour into your favorite cups or mugs.

The dignified Black Tea Bowl with Serving Spout makes matcha's vibrant color stand out.

This tea bowl comes with a serving spout so that you can whisk matcha and then pour it into other cups or mugs. It is a beautiful bowl that is also functional for whisking and pouring. The Black Tea Bowl with Serving Spout is great for both your own personal teatime as well as for serving matcha to guests. It allows you to savor matcha's vibrant color as well as its flavor and fragrance.

  • It was formed on the potter's wheel from coarse clay, with the area around the foot of the bowl left unglazed to ensure the bowl does not slip when holding it with only one hand to pour out freshly whisked matcha.

  • Enjoy the contrast between the coarse texture of the unglazed pottery around the foot of the bowl and the smooth feel of the rest of the bowl with its black glaze.

  • Designed with a depression along its sides, the bowl provides a natural handhold.

  • Sieve the desired amount of matcha powder through tea strainer.

  • Pour hot water (at about 80 ℃) into tea bowl.

  • Use whisk to mix matcha powder and hot water for about 15 seconds.

  • Pour even servings into your favorite teacups, and you are done.

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