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Copper tea canister engraved with Ippodo seal (small size)


Size: Dia. 6.2 x H6.2 cm
Capacity: 40 g of Ippodo matcha
Weight: 156 g
* Dimensions are approximate

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This small tea canister is made by Kaikado in Kyoto and engraved with Ippodo's seal.

Engraved with Ippodo's seal, this tea canister is made by Kaikado in Kyoto. Kaikado, established in 1875, is now the only shop producing hand-made tea canisters in Japan.

Tea leaves are sensitive to moisture, so it is important to store them in a sealed container. It is common knowledge that tin cans are used for storing tealeaves, but this tea canister has a double-layer structure consisting of tin on the inside and copper on the outside. Air-tightness is important for the storage of tealeaves, so this tea canister has two lids, an outer top lid and an inner lid. Simply place the top lid over the opening so as to align the Ippodo seal and let go, and then it will move down by itself due to its own weight, completely closing as all the air inside is pushed out. Such detailed manufacture and craftsmanship are unique to Kaikado.

Initially, it will have the glossy copper sheen of a newly minted coin, but, as you use it, it will change into a deep delicate brown and develop a soft, comfortable feel when held. Far from being a mere container for storing tealeaves, this item is an instrument that conveys the joy of crafting a work of singular beauty. We hope you will become attached to this refined product, prizing it with care and affection.

- The tea canister comes packed in its own decorative box.
- This product does not include tealeaves.
- Discoloration of the surface of the tea canister is normal due to the chemical characteristics of copper. For example, a bluish green substance, known as verdigris, may result as a consequence of the canister becoming wet or being handled with wet hands. This verdigris has no negative physiological effects.
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