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Fuki-urushi Lacquerware Marubon Tray


Description: Tray for dining table or kitchen
Material: Keyaki wood, grown in Japan
Coating: Lacquer

Tray dimensions: Dia.27.0 x H2.0 cm
Weight of tray: 400 g
* Weight and dimensions are approximate.
* Each tray is handmade, so individual trays may vary in size and other specifications, and we may occasionally run short on stock.

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The same marubon tray used at our Kyoto tearoom
Now available on our Online Shop

This tray is an Ippodo original that is used at the company's Kaboku Tearoom in Kyoto, and has only been available for sale at the Kyoto main store up until now. However, due to popular demand, we have decided to make it available on our Online Shop.

Each tray is individually crafted by artisans from naturally seasoned Japanese zelkova wood (keyaki). The craftsman carves the spiral design into the tray while turning it on a potter's wheel. After branding the piece, he then finishes it using the fuki-urushi method, in which he repeatedly applies lacquer and then wipes it off. The tray branded with the Ippodo seal.

Being a hardwood from the elm family with beautiful grain, keyaki has been a favored material for architecture and furniture since ancient times. Each tray possesses its own characteristic finish, with unique grain patterns and coloring variations. As it ages with time, you will enjoy how it comes to feel more comfortable in your hands.

At our tearoom, the tray is set atop tables and used to hold tea utensils and confections. We also use it as a sort of place mat when serving customers drinks and food. Its quiet, unobtrusive tones make the teacups and food served on it stand out.
It makes a great gift for people entering a new stage in life.

- How to clean the tray
Cleaning the tray is simple. Just wipe lightly with a cloth that has been thoroughly wrung dry. If the tray gets wet, make sure to dry it off thoroughly before putting away.

- Handling and care
Avoid exposure to direct sunlight and extremely dry conditions.
Avoid storing in conditions of high humidity, as this may cause mold to form.

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