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Large White Porcelain Kyusu Teapot (Kiyomizu-yaki)


- Size: Dia.9.0 x H9.2 cm
- Capacity: 400 ml (13 oz)
- Weight: Teapot: 330 g
* Dimensions are approximate.
- Made in : Kyoto Prefecture, Japan (Kiyomizu-yaki)

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This large kyusu makes 4 to 6 servings

This large Kiyomizu-yaki Teapot, which is specially designed and handcrafted for Ippodo, holds approximately 400 ml of hot water and makes 4 to 6 cups of tea. Its large opening at the top makes it easy to put tealeaves in and remove them afterwards.

At about 330 grams, it may feel a little heavy at first, but as you get used to using it, it will come to feel like an extension of your own hand. This unique teapot even makes the simple act of pouring tea a joy.

  • The teapot's design facilitates tea making by having a small, half-dome-shaped, non-removable ceramic strainer built into its spout that prevents clogging with both fine, powdered tea and large tealeaves like bancha.

  • One of the keys to making delicious tea is to make sure to pour out every last drop from the teapot.
    In order to make this easy to achieve, the teapot is designed with the spout located perpendicular to the handle so that it naturally points downwards as you twist your right hand.

  • The design achieves maximum simplicity while prioritizing functionality.

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