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80-tip Chasen (Bamboo Whisk Made in Korea)


Size: 11.0 cm (H) * Dimensions are approximate.
Material: Bamboo
Made in: Korea

- The case that is included is not intended for storing the chasen. Putting it in the case before it is completely dry can cause it to become moldy.
- This is a hand-made product with limited availability. As such, there may be occasional delays in delivery when the product is out of stock.

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When it comes to making matcha, the bamboo utensil known as the chasen is indispensable. In the wild, bamboo grows in dense forests where the plants rub up against each other forming scratches and stains. These naturally formed scratches and stains are part of the beauty of chasen, coincidental patterns created by the hand of nature. Many aspects of chasen, each made by an expert hand so as to bring out the natural properties of the bamboo, highlight the skilled craftsmanship that went into their manufacture.

Tradition has it that a high-quality chasen can last long enough to make over one hundred cups of matcha. If used properly, this chasen is more than durable enough to last that long. Nevertheless, because it is a consumable item, we recommend that you replace it once the tips begin to thin out.

The difference between the two types of chasen -- the 80-tip and 100-tip -- lies in the number of tips and the thickness of the bamboo. The 80-tip chasen is recommended for people who prefer a thin handle and those used to making matcha.

(When making matcha, be careful not to use too much force and scrape the bottom of the cup with the tips because this will cause them to bend or break.)

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