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One-Pot Teabag Gyokuro 6 Bags / Glass Teapot


Available from June 20th! *Only available while supplies last.

Box size: W28.8 x D12.0 x H15.9 cm

- One-Pot Teabag Gyokuro 7g x 6 Bags
- Glass Teapot
Capacity: 720ml
Weight: 248g

* Capacity and weight are approximate.
Dimensions: Dia.7.8 x H12.5 cm (excl. handle and spout)
Manufacturer: KINTO Japan (Made in China)
Thermal shock resistance: 120℃

Shelf Life: 180 days

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  • Asia


  • Oceania, North America, Central America, and the Middle East


  • Europe


  • South America and Africa


This set combining a Glass Teapot with teabags is ideal for tea time.
* Only available while supplies last.

Teabags make preparing tea easy for anyone, especially with an easy-to-use Glass Teapot.
Preparing three to four servings of ice-cold Japanese tea is a breeze. All you need is this set, plus chilled water. The clear, sweet flavor of cold-brewed gyokuro will make you forget the summer heat in no time. This summer, try cold-brewed gyokuro, using chilled water instead of boiling hot water. The set makes a great gift.

The teabag package is re-sealable, making it ideal for storage. On the back it has instructions in English and Japanese for preparing cold-brewed as well as hot tea.

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