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Sencha Hosen / Tin tea canister engraved with Ippodo seal (medium size)


Box size: W16.9 x D8.2 x H14.6 cm

Sencha Hosen
Net Weight: 100 grams
Shelf Life: 180 days

Tea canister
Size: Dia.7.5 x H8.1 cm
Capacity: 100 g of Ippodo gyokuro or sencha
* Dimensions are approximate.

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This tea canister is handcrafted by Kaikado in Kyoto. Established in 1875, Kaikado is the only manufacturer in Japan that still makes tea canisters by hand.

The set includes premium-quality Hosen sencha tea, which possesses an excellent balance of sweetness, astringency, and fragrance. Sencha has a flavor that appeals to everyone. People of all tastes enjoy it with meals and at snack time, and on just about every other occasion. It also makes an ideal gift for family and friends starting a new chapter in their lives.

Tea canister features

- Highly airtight
This canister is ideal for storing tea leaves. It's designed with a double-layer structure, together with an inner lid, in order to keep out oxygen, humidity, sunlight, and smells that can cause tea leaves to degrade.

- Matures over time
Being handcrafted by skilled artisans, each canister is unique. Gradually over time, its color and feel will change, feeling more natural in your hand. We hope you will become attached to this refined product, prizing it with care and affection.

You can expect to share this tin canister with the next generation, sharing the delight of observing how the color of the tin gradually changes over the course of a couple of decades.

- Original Ippodo seal
The tea canister comes engraved with the Ippodo seal. You can't help but admire the fine craftsmanship and attention to detail-simply placing the lid on top with the Ippodo seal aligned and letting go results in the lid sliding down and closing completely on its own due to gravity.

- Lifetime care
Kaikado will handle maintenance needs that may occur through usage over the years, such as corrosion, or distortion of the lid. This is a tea canister you will be able to use for life-one that has been crafted by hand and can be repaired by hand.

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