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Sencha Shoike-no-o / Uji-Shimizu Sticks 2-Pack of Medium Cans


Available from June, while supplies last

Size of Package: W16.9 x D8.2 x H14.6 cm
Net Weight:
- Sencha Shoike-no-o 160 grams
- Uji-Shimizu Sticks 120 grams
(15 grams/stick x 8 sticks)
Shelf Life: 180 days

Minimum Shipping Charge

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  • Oceania, North America, Central America, and the Middle East


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  • South America and Africa


Gift set that will delight the whole family
Two teas ideal for drinking in summer

About Sencha: Grown in full sunlight, sencha leaves are fresh, fragrant and full of vitality. Characterized by a harmonious blend of sweetness, bitterness, richness, astringency and fragrance, sencha has long been a favorite among ardent tea lovers. In the morning or afternoon, before or after a meal, sencha is the perfect drink to revitalize the mind and refresh the spirit. Shoike-no-o is the ideal starting point for first-time sencha drinkers, as well as seasoned drinkers who are accustomed to sencha from other tea shops.

About Uji-shimizu: An original Ippodo creation, Uji-shimizu is a matcha-based beverage developed in 1924. It combines matcha powder and sugar to provide an easy to prepare, easy to drink tea for those who prefer their matcha a bit sweeter. Simply add water, mix, and enjoy. It tastes great any season, anytime.
With Uji-Shimizu Sticks this delicious mix is now packaged in convenient single-serving sticks that are easy to carry around.

This set allows you to choose between two very different tea experiences depending on your mood. Choose Sencha Shoike-no-o when you want to enjoy a relaxing break drinking a first-rate tea and Uji-Shimizu Sticks when you prefer something a little sweeter.

Uji-Shimizu Sticks salmon pink package also makes for a colorful gift set.

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