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Hajime-no-Ippodo Matcha Starter Kit Spring Special with Nodoka Matcha (20g Box)


Available February 1 to April 30 (JST)

Box size: W19.5 x D8.7 x H12.9 cm

- 100-tip Chasen (bamboo whisk) (made in Korea)
- Chashaku (bamboo tea ladle) (made in Japan)
- Chawan (tea bowl) (made in Japan)
- Matcha (20 g 1,000 yen/Shelf life: 180 days)
- Leaflet: A bilingual Japanese-English guide to preparing matcha and using the utensils.
- Ippodo tea cloth (fukin)

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Everything you need to make matcha except hot water
Start with the delicious Special Nodoka included in the set

Hajime-no-Ippodo is a starter kit containing all the utensils necessary to enjoy making matcha. This special version of the kit comes with our special spring-only Nodoka matcha, available until April 30. (Our regular kit comes with Kimmo-no-mukashi matcha.) The kit includes everything needed to make this delicious matcha except hot water.

Only available in spring, Nodoka matcha fills your mouth with a sweetness and umami flavor, as well as just the right amount of sharpness to leave a refreshing aftertaste. It also goes very nicely with seasonal confections.

The handsome package includes the following.

- A leaflet in English and Japanese with easy-to-understand illustrations showing how to make matcha and use the utensils
- An 100-tip chasen (bamboo whisk) for whisking matcha in hot water
- A chashaku (bamboo tea ladle) that makes scooping matcha powder easy and is resistant to static electricity
- A simple chawan (tea bowl)
- A tea cloth (fukin)

It's a convenient kit to have around the house, and makes a nice birthday present or gift idea for people making a new start in life. It also makes an ideal seasonal gift, and because it includes English instructions, it makes a great gift to send overseas.

Tea utensils other than the chawan (tea bowl) and Ippodo tea cloth (fukin) are sold separately. Please refer to the tea utensils page.

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