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One-Cup Teabag Hojicha (25 bags)


Size of Package: W16.6 x D6.5 x H10.0 cm
Net Weight: 2 grams x 25
Shelf Life: 150 days

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  • Oceania, North America, Central America, and the Middle East


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  • South America and Africa


Dark amber in color, hojicha releases an amazingly rich aroma that completely permeates the room. The savory flavor is very distinct; it is rich but light-bodied, without much astringency.

Hojicha can be enjoyed in the evening as well as in the morning or afternoon. It tastes great on its own, with sweets, or accompanying a meal. Flavorful and refreshing, hojicha is an absolute favorite among Ippodo patrons.

Each of these convenient, easy-to-use teabags makes one cup of authentic hojicha tea.
Packed with flavorfully roasted mecha (shoots and buds), these tetrahedral teabags release the aroma and flavor of the tea.
To enjoy hojicha's savory aroma, just pour on boiling water and wait for about one minute. Move the teabag around in the hot water until it has reached the desired strength, and you're done. Take the time to fully appreciate the savory aroma and rich flavor that only hojicha mecha can provide.

This 25-bag box, which includes instructions on the back in both English and Japanese, will provide plenty of delicious tea for your enjoyment at home or at work.

individual teabag packaging

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