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Sencha Kaboku / Yakishime Kyusu Teapot (Banko-yaki) Set


Box size: W22.2 x D9.5 x H12.9 cm
(About Teapot)
Made in: Mie Prefecture, Japan
Capacity: 240 ml
Dimensions: Dia.6.5 x H8.0 cm(excl. handle and spout)
* Capacity and dimensions are approximate.
* Uniformly crafted with very thin walls, the teapot is particularly light and holds more water than one might guess from looking at it.
* Each kyusu is handmade, so individual teapots may vary in size and other specifications, and we may occasionally run short on stock.

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This set combines a finely crafted kyusu made to the exacting standards of a purveyor of fine Japanese green tea with Kaboku, Ippodo's highest grade sencha. The set comes in a stylish box with light purple stripes and one red line. A fitting gift for someone about to take advantage of new opportunities in their life.

  • An adorable lid reminiscent of the top of an apple.

  • The ridge around the opening rises elegantly from the curved surface.

  • A handle carefully shaped with fingers and spatula.

  • White glaze on the inside improves visibility, making it easier to see the tea leaves and how much water you have added, and to clean up afterwards.

  • With Western sweets

  • With a friend

  • With Japanese sweets

  • With meals

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