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Quantity :

Teabag Set (12-bag assortment)


Size of Package: W8.3 x D6.5 x H10.0 cm
Net Weight:
- Gyokuro 2 grams x 4 bags
- Sencha 2 grams x 4 bags
- Hojicha 2 grams x 4 bags
Shelf Life: 150 days

Minimum Shipping Charge

  • Asia


  • Oceania, North America, Central America, and the Middle East


  • Europe


  • South America and Africa


For the tea drinker on the go, Ippodo is pleased to offer an assorted set of 1-cup tea-bags. This 12-bag assortment includes 4 gyokuro tea-bags, 4 sencha tea-bags, and 4 hojicha tea-bags. Unlike many tea-bags on the market which use tea "flakes", Ippodo s tea-bags use high quality Mecha - the youngest shoots and buds from the tea plant. Perfect for traveling or bringing to the office, this assorted set also makes a nice gift. Please note that for optimum taste, tea-bag teas should be steeped a little longer than their loose-leaf equivalents.

This 12-bag box, which includes instructions on the back in both English and Japanese, will provide plenty of delicious tea for your enjoyment at home or at work.

individual teabag packaging

  • 1. Put in the teabag
  • 2. Pour on hot water (or cold water)
  • It's ready when it gets to the strength you like
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