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Obukucha (Good Fortune Tea) Large Can w/box


Available from Nov. 15 to Jan, 15 (JST), while supplies last

Size of Package: W9.7 x D8.6 x H20.3 cm
Net Weight: 220 grams
Per Serving (1 pot): 10 grams
Shelf Life: 180 days

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  • Oceania, North America, Central America, and the Middle East


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  • South America and Africa


The Obukucha tradition began over 10 centuries ago, during the Heian period.

In 951, a serious epidemic swept through Kyoto. In an effort to relieve the suffering, Buddhist priest Kuya distributed tea to those in need. It has been said that to share in these virtues, Emperor Murakami ushered in the New Year with a special cup of tea.

Since then, it has become a Japanese tradition to drink Obukucha (literally, Good Fortune Tea) during the New Year's season. The Obukucha offered by each tea shop differs depending on the shop. At IPPODO, we are pleased to offer a special time-limited, high-grade genmaicha as our Obukucha. Packaged in the traditional festive colors of red and white, we hope that our Obukucha will bring renewed health and happiness to you and your loved ones.

Wishing you and yours all the best in the New Year, and always.

*Up to 3 pots can be made using the same tea leaves.

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