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Iribancha (Kyobancha) 150g Bag


Size of Package: W11.0 x D5.5 x H38.5 cm
Net Weight: 150 grams
Shelf Life: 60 days

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  • Asia


  • Oceania, North America, Central America, and the Middle East


  • Europe


  • South America and Africa


The word bancha has 2 meanings: daily casual tea, and local tea. In the Kyoto area, when people use the word "bancha", more often than not they are referring to iribancha.

Iribancha has long been a favorite tea among Kyotoites. After the first tea picking of the year, leaves, stems and small twigs from the lower portions of the tea plant are collected, steamed, dried (but not rolled), and roasted at high heat. The result is an unmistakably unique smoky flavor and aroma, somewhat similar to the smell of a campfire or bonfire. This is definitely a tea that needs to be sampled firsthand to be fully appreciated.

This 150 g bag is ideal for preparing only a small number of servings, or for newcomers to iribancha. People drinking iribancha for the first time are often surprised by its unique aroma. If you are new to iribancha, why not give it a try with this small amount.

Japanese green tea begins to lose its aroma after it is opened, so please drink it up within two weeks after opening the package, particularly in the case of iribancha, whose strong point is its unique aroma. The tea will still be OK to drink after two weeks, but its flavor will gradually deteriorate.

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