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Gokujo Genmaicha 100g Bag


Size of Package: W6.5 x D4.5 x H23.0 cm
Net Weight: 100grams
Per Serving (1 pot): 10 grams
Shelf Life: 180 days

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  • Asia


  • Oceania, North America, Central America, and the Middle East


  • Europe


  • South America and Africa


One of the more popular banchas, genmaicha is a mixture of yanagi and roasted genmai (a variety of brown rice). The genmai is roasted at two different levels: lightly roasted and deeply roasted until the rice grains puff. The result is a unique savory flavor and a strong popcorn-like aroma. The quantity of genmai is purposely kept to a minimum while there is an ample amount of leaves with a light bitterness. This provides a perfect balance between the roasted aroma of the genmai and the refreshing aftertaste of the yanagi.

Genmaicha goes well with meals. It is also a good choice for ochazuke (tea poured over rice accompanied by Japanese pickled vegetables).

*Up to 3 pots can be made using the same tea leaves.
*When brewing a 2nd and 3rd pot of tea, no steeping is required.
just add hot water to the teapot, and serve.

  • 1. Place 20 g (4 tbsp.)
    in a jar or other container.
  • 2. Add 1 liter (1 qt) of chilled water.
  • 3. Brew for 1 hour.
  • * Brewing overnight in the refrigerator is fine. When desired strength reached, transfer to other container, straining the tea leaves.
  • 1.Place 10g (2 tbsp.) in kyusu teapot.
  • 2.Add 240 ml of boiling water.
  • 3.Brew for 1 min.
  • 4.Put lots of ice in the travel flask and pour your tea over it.
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