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One-Cup Teabag Sencha Medium-size 20-bag Can w/ Box


Temporarily unavailable from April 29th.

Size of Package: W8.6 x D8.2 x H14.1 cm
Net Weight: 40 g (2 g x 20 bags)
Shelf Life: 150 days (use quickly after opening)

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  • Asia


  • Oceania, North America, Central America, and the Middle East


  • Europe


  • South America and Africa


These teabags provide the authentic flavor of Japanese tea.
Packaged in an attractive can, this item makes a perfect gift!

Each of these convenient, easy-to-use teabags makes one cup of authentic sencha tea. And these handy teabags come in an attractive can, making them the perfect gift.
It makes a great present for people visiting Japan, as well as a popular souvenir for coworkers at the office. It also makes a wonderful gift for people who are busy raising children and for elderly people who have difficulty using a kyusu.

These teabags allow you to enjoy authentic flavor and ease of use! Packed with flavorful mecha (shoots and buds), these tetrahedral teabags release the aroma and flavor of sencha.
To fully draw out the tea's flavor, just let one teabag steep for about one and a half minutes in a cup of hot water—boiled water that has been allowed to cool slightly. Move the teabag around in the hot water until the tea has reached the desired strength, and you're done. Take your time in order to draw out the full flavor of this delicious tea.

  • No need to unwrap!

  • No need for a teapot!

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