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2016 Uji Shincha Medium Can w/box


Size of Package: W8.0 x D8.0 x H13.5 cm
Net Weight: 168 grams
Per Serving (1 pot): 10 grams
Shelf Life: 150 days

Due to a limited supply, Shincha sales will be available for a limited time only (until around mid-June).

Every year, tea enthusiasts eagerly await the release of the year's fresh new harvest, "Shincha" -the Beaujolais Nouveau of green tea. Our 2015 Shincha is a type of sencha, different from our regular sencha in taste and character.

While our regular sencha offers our trademark full-bodied and well-balanced character -a character that is consistent throughout the year and from year to year thanks to careful blending-Shincha's charm is a freshness that represents a particular year's new harvest.

This year's Shincha is light and refreshing -perfect for late-spring and early-summer. To enjoy your Shincha to the fullest, please choose a package size that you can finish within about 2 weeks of opening. And as always, please store the tea in an airtight container away from direct sunlight. We really want you to enjoy your tea while it is at its freshest!

Preparing shincha

to enjoy shincha
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