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Sencha-ko (Flakes) 100g bag


Size of Package: W7.0 x D4.0 x H17.5 cm
Net Weight: 100 grams
Per Serving (1 pot): 8 grams
Shelf Life: 150 days

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  • Oceania, North America, Central America, and the Middle East


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Sencha-ko Flakes is a type of konacha that is made from the flakes that are produced as part of the sencha manufacturing process. It comes in very handy when you want to enjoy a quick, easy cup of sencha . Enjoy greater flexibility and variety during your tea breaks by alternating between the tightly wound leaves of sencha and Sencha-ko Flakes depending on how much time you have and the needs of the occasion.

How konacha is made
Soon after being harvested, Ippodo's sencha leaves are steamed for a short time, and then gradually rolled and twisted while they dry. Tea leaves that have been processed in this way are tightly wound into thin, needle-like strands. During this rolling, drying process, parts of the leaves turn into thin flakes, which are later packaged and sold as konacha .

The advantage of konacha
The tightly wound tea leaves of Ippodo's ordinary sencha are usually brewed for about 1 minute (with water at 80C) so that their flavor is extracted as the tea leaves unravel. Konacha , however, is suited to a very short brewing time (about 15 seconds using boiling water) because the flavor is extracted from the tea leaf flakes the moment boiling water is poured onto them.

So next time you want to have a quick cup of sencha , try making it with Sencha-ko Flakes and a tea strainer. But if you've got more time and want to enjoy the authentic taste of sencha , you can still use the Sencha-ko Flakesto make tea in a kyusu or other teapot. And don't forget that, regardless of which choiceyou make, you can always make further changes to the flavor through slight adjustments in the way you make each type of tea.

Making Sencha-ko Flakes with a tea strainer

Put slightly more than 2 level tbsp. of Sencha-ko Flakes into the strainer and slowly pour on boiling water, being careful to cover all of the flakes. Effectively, all you're doing is briefly dipping the flakes in boiling water, but that's enough to fully release their flavor. The first thing you will taste upon drinking it is a sharpness, followed by a faint leafy sweetness. Pleasant to drink, it leaves you with that really refreshing feeling you only get with sencha .

Making Sencha-ko Flakes with a kyusu
Put slightly more than 2 level tbsp. of Sencha-ko Flakes into the kyusu , pour on boiling water, and wait about 15 seconds. If you want to produce a more authentic sencha flavor, pour on water at about 80C and brew for about 30 seconds. Brewing with a kyusu produces a stronger leafy sweetness than when making tea with a strainer because it extracts sencha 's core components.

Using a kyusu to brew Sencha-ko Flakes will produce a more authentic flavor than when using a tea strainer, even though you're using the same Sencha-ko Flakes konacha .

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