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Kumpu One-pot Size Pack (10 g)


Temporarily unavailable from April 16th.

Size of Package: W10.0 x H15.5 cm
Net Weight: 10 grams
Shelf Life: 180 days

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Our classic brand now in a handy One-pot Size Pack.
If you're interested in sencha, give this a try!

For the sencha connoisseur with a discerning taste, Kumpu is an excellent choice. With its characteristic elegant fragrance and fresh, sweet aftertaste, Kumpu offers devoted sencha tea lovers a superlative tea at an attractive price. Though it has slightly less sweetness and fragrance than Kaboku, Kumpu is a true connoisseur-class sencha that is a favorite among our patrons.

-About One-pot size packs

The key to preparing Japanese green tea properly in a kyusu teapot is the combination of three things - the amount of tea leaves, water temperature, and brewing time. Firstly, the most fundamental aspect is the amount of tea leaves used. It is important to note that the proper amount differs depending on where the leaves were grown and the tea dealer. The proper amount that Ippodo specifies for bringing out the taste that Ippodo wants its customers to enjoy is 10 grams.

In our experience, in the majority of cases where people say that the tea tastes weak or flavorless, less than the proper amount of tea leaves has been used. When people see 10 grams of tea leaves in a kyusu teapot, many are surprised and think it is too much.

With Japanese green tea, you bring out the tea's unique flavor by placing the right amount of tea leaves in the kyusu, using water at the right temperature, and letting it brew for the right amount of time. The higher the quality of the tea leaves, the richer and fuller the umami. It would be a great shame not to fully enjoy that delicious taste.

These one-pot size packs have been designed with the express aim of ensuring that customers fully enjoy the delicious taste our tea, the way it was made to be enjoyed. Each pack comes in a special single-use size filled with just the right amount for making one kyusu pot's worth of tea - the most important factor in producing great-tasting Japanese green tea.

Experience the essence of gyokuro and sencha with our line-up of One-Pot Size products, which feature only premium gyokuro and sencha tea. Attractively packaged in box sets, these products also make great gifts. Whether purchased as a gift or for your own enjoyment, these tea products are sure to satisfy.

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