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Nodoka Special Matcha (Only available in spring!) 20g Box


- Size of package: 95 mm (H) x 52 mm (W)
- Net weight: 20 g
- Shelf Life: 180 days (Please drink up within two weeks after opening package)

* The word "Nodoka" reminds the Japanese of warm and peaceful spring time.

Available from February 1 to April 30.
Our spring matcha returns in a special package.

Ippodo is offering a special, limited seasonal offer, premium matcha called Nodoka that is a perfect way to welcome in the spring.

It has a rich, multilayered flavor. It tantalizes your mouth with a hint of sharpness overlaid with a billowing sweetness. Also, the fresh fragrance that fills the air when this matcha is whisked and that remains on your tongue after drinking leaves you feeling happy and relaxed.

Nodoka has an extremely refined, rich flavor that is distinctive from the matcha we normally sell throughout the rest of the year. With its splendid balance of sharpness, sweetness, and umami, you'll find yourself asking for another cup. Nodoka is the perfect thing to enjoy on a beautiful spring day with some seasonal sweets.

Matcha Tea Bowl with Serving Spout


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