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Special New Year's Neno-mukashi Matcha [Year of the Rat label] 20g Can


Available from Dec. 1, while supplies last

Size of Package: Dia.5.3 x H5.2 cm
Net Weight: 20 grams
Per Serving: 2 grams (usucha) 4 grams (koicha)
Shelf Life: 180 days

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Celebrate the New Year with Neno-mukashi.

Every year, from December until January, Ippodo makes available Special New Year's Matcha, matcha specially prepared for celebrating the New Year. Although they have different names, our special New Year's matcha products─the Year of the Rat label Neno-mukashi matcha and Seiun and Wakamatsu-no-mukashi matcha─contain the same type of matcha.

Ippodo ensures that Special New Year's Matcha possesses a magnificent fragrance and rich umami flavor. It is premium grade matcha of high quality that tastes delicious whether it is prepared as usucha or koicha. The interesting feature of this matcha is how its distinctive characteristics change every year, some years possessing a wonderful fragrance while other years having a particularly rich umami flavor.

- The design of the Year of the Rat label
2020 is the Year of the Rat. The rat is often portrayed as a helper of the god Daikoku, who is frequently shown straddling bags of rice. This label features a humorously depicted rat clambering up a bag of rice, evoking images of the deity Daikoku. Adorned as it is with this amusing critter, the Year of the Rat label is sure to liven up family mealtimes. Also enjoy wonderful teatimes with festive Japanese wagashi confections and Year of the Rat Neno-mukashi Matcha.

❊ About this matcha
Our special New Year's matcha products─Neno-mukashi (only available during the Year of the Rat) and our two red-label matcha offerings Seiun and Wakamatsu-no-mukashi─contain the same type of matcha.

Please also note that this special matcha is different from our regular, white-label Seiun matcha that is normally sold throughout the year.

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