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Horai-no-mukashi 20g Can


Size of Package: Dia.5.3 x H5.2 cm
Net Weight: 20 grams
Per Serving: 2 grams (usucha) 4 grams (koicha)
Shelf Life: 180 days

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  • Asia


  • Oceania, North America, Central America, and the Middle East


  • Europe


  • South America and Africa


Perfect richness--The brand we recommend for your first taste of Ippodo matcha

A subtle balance of matcha's natural umami flavor and a touch of astringency. Goes well with confections that are only slightly sweet.

- This matcha was named by Jimyosai-sosho XIV, the great grand master of the Ura-Senke family of tea masters.
- This grade of matcha is the same as that used for Horai-no-mukashi, which was named by the Omote-Senke family of tea masters.

  • 1. Place 2 g (1 tsp.
    or 1.5 tea ladles) of
    matcha in tea bowl.
  • 2. Add 60 ml (2 oz) of hot water (at 80 °C)
  • 3. Whisk vigorously 15 sec., making 'm' shape.
  • 4. Add ice, mix slightly, and it's ready.
  • 1.Sift 3g of matcha.
  • 2.Whisk matcha on the strong side with 60ml(2 oz) of hot water.
  • 3.Pour on 30ml(1 oz) of milk or soy milk!

Sift before adding water

Sifting powder removes clumps, producing smoother matcha.

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