Give them this gift box packed
with a wide variety of Japanese teas!
They'll look forward to tea time at home
with family and friends.

  • A variety of ice-cold
    Japanese teas!

    These Japanese teas are delicious served cold, and satisfying to drink!
    Cool yourself down with ice-cold Japanese tea!

  • Tea for the
    whole family

    This comprehensive set allows you to pick the most appropriate tea for the situation!

  • Enjoy matcha quickly and easily
    in a big cup or travel flask!

    Great for newcomers to matcha!
    All the utensils for preparing matcha,
    except the tea bowl.

  • Teas for drinking
    on a regular basis!

    Great teas for daily consumption.
    An ideal gift for people who drink a lot of Japanese tea.

  • Delicious low-caffeine
    and caffeine-free teas

    Enjoy Japanese tea while watching your caffeine intake. Great before bed, or for pregnant and nursing mothers.

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