• Drink matcha in your
    favorite cup or glass!
    It tastes great with sweets.

  • Savor the rich taste of
    gyokuro after a meal.

  • Enjoy this nice balance of
    sweetness and astringency
    like an herb tea.

  • Rich roasted aroma
    and sweetness!

  • The mild aroma of
    roasted rice goes
    well with meals.

  • Great for afternoon tea!

  • A blissful time!

  • Relax and unwind!

*The matcha in this video is only on sale at Ippodo Tea, New York.

  • It maintains the shape of
    the whisk tips and allows it
    to dry quickly.

  • Sift your matcha powder
    before whisking it.

  • It's the kind of gift only
    a Japanese tea specialist
    like Ippodo can provide!

    Assortment of 5 Green Teas


  • This set is the perfect gift
    for people who like tea
    with rich fragrance.

    Assortment of 3 Green Teas


  • All you need is hot water
    to get started
    with matcha!

    Matcha Starter Kit 6


  • A comprehensive set
    including everything
    but the matcha bowl.

    Matcha Starter Kit 5



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Hours: 11 AM to 7 PM (closed on Mondays)
TEL: +1-212-370-0609

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