Mugicha (Barley Tea)

Mugicha has a rich aroma and a pleasant aftertaste of refined sweetness.
It’s a great tea for staying well hydrated year-round, even during cold seasons when drunk hot.


Iribancha (Kyobancha)

Iribancha is a bancha of Kyoto that possesses a distinctive smoky aroma.
Being low in caffeine, it makes a great tea for drinking on a daily basis.

Gokujo Hojicha (Roasted Tea)

Gokujo Hojicha possesses a magnificent aroma and refreshing taste.
Its rich aroma is both pleasant, and soothing.

Kuki Hojicha (Roasted Stems)

Kuki Hojicha has a richer taste than Gokujo Hojicha.
It's ideal for people wanting a more pronounced flavor.

Organic Sencha
(with JAS organic certification)

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