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2013 Shincha now on sale!
About Ippodo's Shincha Shincha products
Shincha products How to Store your Shincha
About Ippodo's Shincha

Ippodo's Shincha is made exclusively from the year's first buds, which are picked from open, unshaded sencha tea gardens that have basked in the spring sunlight.

Much like the excitement that surrounds Beaujolais Nouveau wine every year, Shincha tea lovers look forward to discovering the flavor of each year's Shincha tea.

Seasonal treats are ephemeral things, and Shincha is no exception. To ensure the best taste experience, Shincha is available for a limited time only until around mid-June.

Shincha products
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Shincha product packages will change during the season.
(The Shincha tea in the packages will remain the same.)

Package design 

How to prepare 

How to Store your Shincha

Tea leaves are sensitive to humidity and fluctuations in temperature. Store your Shincha in an airtight container at room temperature, away from sunlight and strong odors.
Shincha's fragrance is very delicate, and will gradually fade even in an unopened package. Please consume your Shincha by the middle of July, while you can enjoy its fragrance.

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