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Ideas for serving your guests tea

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Summer morning sencha

Cold matcha at home

Summer holiday with tea

At the Gion Festival in Kyoto

How well do you know your sencha?

Take Japanese Tea on a Trip

Last days for Shincha

New: Summer-Edition Gyokuro

Japanese Iced Teas for Summer

Shincha brewed with cold water

Food Pairing Pointers: Pizza

Shincha now in stock!

Asked and Answered Vol. 6: Can I rebrew my tea?

Nodoka Matcha until April 30th

One Week Left for Shincha Reservations

Rain or Shine

Now Taking Shincha Reservations

Asked and Answered Vol. 5: Green Tea Brewed with Boiling Water

Featuring the Glass Teapot

Premium Select Matcha

Tea made from just the stems?

Just released: Matcha Nodoka

New release: 108 Teabag Boxes

Last chance for limited-time New Year's tea

Welcoming 2019

New Year's in Japan

Tea for Get-togethers

Now on sale: New Year's matcha

Year-end tea cloths are here

Ippodo Holiday Gift Guide

Only a few days left: Tsukikage matcha

Now on Sale: Winter-Limited Obukucha

Ippodo Teapots

Japanese Tea and Food Pairings for Fall

A Cup of Tea with Ease

Asked and Answered Vol. 4: New ways to make matcha

Glass Teapot Set & holiday gifts

Autumn teas and teapots

New Product release: Glass Teapot

Getting started with sencha

Three Fall Tea Settings

Asked and Answered Vol. 3: Sifting Matcha Powder

Now on Sale: Fall-Limited Matcha Tsukikage

When We Think of Summer, We Think of Mugicha

Food Pairing Pointers: Late Summer

Asked and Answered Vol. 2: Matcha Grades

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