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Assortment of 5 Green Teas


Box size: W27.5 x D5.6 x H6.6 cm

- Matcha Kan-no-shiro 20g Can
- Gyokuro Mantoku 20g Can
- Sencha Unro 20g Can
- Kuki Hojicha (Roasted Stems) 10g Can
- Gokujo Genmaicha 20g Can
- Leaflet: An English guide to preparing Japanese Green Teas.

Shelf Life: 180 days

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  • Oceania, North America, Central America, and the Middle East


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  • South America and Africa


This set includes all types of Japanese tea. It's the kind of gift only a Japanese tea specialist like Ippodo can provide!

It contains a high-grade matcha with a velvety smooth texture, a gyokuro with a pleasant, mellow aftertaste, sencha, which is the most popular tea in Japan, hojicha with its rich aroma of roasted tea leaves, and genmaicha with the gentle aroma of roasted brown rice. This gift set includes all types of Japanese tea—something you could only find at a Japanese tea specialist like Ippodo.
Give someone special this diverse set, and provide them with hours of Japanese tea enjoyment. They will slowly savor matcha on their days off, and enjoy a full-flavored gyokuro that can be sipped like whiskey, relishing every rich drop. They can enjoy sencha in place of herb tea, and aromatic hojicha instead of Western black tea, as well as relaxing genmaicha with its mild aroma.

The set comes in a package that is ideal for a gift—decorated with the Ippodo logo in gold foil embossing on elegant, understated olive green.

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