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Family Assortment


Size of Package: W31.0 x D10.5 x H17.0 cm
Net Weight:
-Gokujo Hojicha: 100 grams
-Gokujo Genmaicha: 100 grams
-One-Pot Teabags Iribancha: 7 grams x 21
-Uji-Shimizu sticks: 15 grams x 12 Shelf Life: 60 days (iribancha), 180 days (others)

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  • South America and Africa


A selection of teas to please both adults and children

Each Uji-Shimizu Stick contains a single serving of matcha powder sweetened with granulated sugar. Just mix the contents into milk or yoghurt, or into hot or iced water. The result is a delightful beverage or snack.

Iribancha produces a very pleasant smoky bancha that's a favorite among Kyotoites, and in one-pot teabags, it's convenient, too. Iribancha's refreshing flavor combines with the scent of the wild conjured up by its distinctive campfire aroma. And because it's suitable for all ages, in Kyoto it's sometimes nicknamed Akachan-bancha—Bancha for Babies!

Hojicha and genmaicha both have a mild, relaxing aroma, making them a good choice for drinking with meals, or at tea-time, or any other time you fancy.

This assortment is selected with the aim of bringing family together, whether it's all generations gathering around the dinner table, or just the adults taking a quiet breather when the children aren't around.

Chose this assortment for drinking at home, or as a gift for an entire family.

  • The deep green box is attractively designed with white foil embossing.
    It conveys a feeling of warmth that is just right for a gift, and comes with a rich range of textures to tantalize the fingers--smooth, uneven, and rough.

  • The sticker is designed with "Ippodo tea leaves" as the motif, reflecting the fact that it seals the packaging for that special someone's favorite Ippodo teas.
    A great patchwork of tea leaves!

  • To spice up your Ippodo teatime, the box is decorated with a combination of motifs representing parts from various Ippodo products. If you look closely, you might be able to recognize some of them. Give it a try!

  • Our dream is for everyone to have wonderful teatimes. Read our message when you open the box.

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