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One-Pot Teabag Shincha


This product is sold out, and therefore unavailable.

Size of Package: W14.0 x D4.1 x H22.0 cm
Net Weight: 56 grams (7 g x 8)
Shelf Life: 150 days

*This item is exclusive to the following stores: Ippodo Online Shop, Kyoto Main Store, Marunouchi Store, JR Kyoto Isetan, Kyoto Stn Gift Kiosk, JR Kyoto Stn - Shinkansen Concourse

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Shincha, now in convenient teabags

Brand new this year, this set of One-Pot Teabags allows you to enjoy the new harvest of sencha, Shincha, in an easy-to-brew format. Just add one bag to a teapot, a travel flask, a pitcher, or a large mug cup, add hot or cold water, and brew to desired strength. Perfect as a gift for friends new to tea, or as an easy option for enjoying the delights of Shincha at home.

There are four main types of Japanese tea--matcha, gyokuro, sencha, and bancha. Ippodo's shincha is sencha tea. The main difference between shincha and the sencha sold throughout the year is its freshness--the amount of time that elapses from when it is picked until it is delivered to the customer.

In order to ensure that the precious yet fleeting grassy flavor and fragrance of shincha is fully appreciated, Ippodo delivers it to customers within about ten days of it being picked. This allows customers to properly savor this fresh spring delight--the result of young buds successfully enduring the cold winter to bring forth new life in spring.

Our regular sencha also has a flavor of its own worthy of appreciation. After being picked, it is allowed to sit for the summer until it acquires a satisfying, mature flavor before being sold. Sencha possesses a delicious flavor that is achieved by allowing its leaves' grassy flavor to reach full maturity.

The tender young shoots that will become shincha are still in the process of being grown in the tea fields, but Ippodo offers special pre-order deals to customers who place orders for this year's shincha in advance, before farmers have finished picking the tea. Make your teatime this spring something to remember by enjoying this delicious product of nature and tender loving care.

*This bag comes with a re-sealable, zip closure for freshness. Brewing instructions for hot and cold tea are written on the back in English and Japanese.

How to prepare
Use 1 teabag per 300 ml (10 oz.) of water. Pour on boiling water and brew for 2.5 minutes, or pour on chilled water and brew for 30 minutes.

  • Eight large teabags included.

  • Brew tea simply for guests.

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